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The Founder

Eugene Teow is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and tech expert passionate about using the latest IT solutions to boost business success. He has a strong educational background, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a special focus on Forensic Computing. Eugene’s expertise in the digital world is exceptional.

What sets Eugene apart is his continuous quest for learning and growth. He has certifications like Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (CPNLP, ABNLP) and Timeline Therapy™ (TLTP) along with hypnosis and NLP coaching certifications. This varied skill set enables him to understand human thinking and behavior deeply. Eugene envisions a future where technology and human potential work hand in hand, leading to extraordinary achievements in the business world.

BSc. (Hons) Information Technology with specialism in Forensic Computing CPNLP, ABNLP; TLTP, ABNLP; Practitioner of Hypnosis, ABH; NLP Coach, ABNLP

As the visionary founder and owner of Cygnus Technology Solutions, Eugene has turned his knowledge and expertise into a thriving business. His guiding philosophy revolves around delivering high-quality work, a belief that eliminates the need to worry about competitors. Eugene has consistently applied this principle to empower businesses across Malaysia with smart and feasible IT solutions for growth and success.

Eugene’s commitment to professional development is evident through his impressive list of certifications, including CPNLP and ABNLP, demonstrating his proficiency in neuro-linguistic programming. He is also a certified Practitioner of Hypnosis with ABH and a skilled NLP Coach with ABNLP, further emphasizing his dedication to mastering the art of effective communication and personal transformation.

Under Eugene’s astute leadership, Cygnus Technology Solutions has emerged as a shining beacon in the IT consulting industry, known for excellence and innovation. With a visionary spirit that inspires both his team and clients, Eugene has positioned Cygnus at the forefront of transformative technology. Join the journey with Cygnus as they harness the power of technology to reach new heights, all under the visionary guidance of Eugene Teow.

Eugene Teow's remarkable achievements and dedication to excellence have garnered recognition and prestigious awards, further solidifying his status as a leader in the IT industry. Among the accolades and honors he has received are:

Malaysia Excellence Business Awards (MEBA) 2019 for Emerging IT Solutions

Global Business Leadership Awards (GBLA) 2020 for IT Company of the Year

Best Intelligent Figures 2021 - Outstanding Leadership Excellence Award