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Private Cloud Solution

Do you know...

“84% of SMEs have experienced cyber incidents in the past 12 months.”

Eugene Teow, founder of Cygnus Technology Solutions

Do you know...

"Malaysia has a rapidly expanding digital economy forecast to be worth US $5.3 billion by 2020. Smaller companies face a larger degree of exposure to cyber risk owing to their size and resources, as well as the lack of capital to invest in cyber risk management tools."


Services we can provide in our private cloud

Cloud Potential & Benefits

How is Private Cloud better?

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

  • Data Sovereignty
  • No credit-card bills shock
  • Constant human interaction / support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Privacy and security

SQL Accounting on your Private Cloud

  • Application on your private environment
  • Flexible in deployment
  • Your load is lighten, your efficiency is greater than before because:
    – We manage the back-end environment
    – Vendor manages the software installation and configuration
    – You only focus on working without technical headaches & security threats